Shower time is more than about cleansing the body. L'Occitane deems it a daily ritual to start off and end the day in an energising or relaxing way.

The "Shower With Flowers" campaign was recently launched at Siam Square, where L'Occitane installed a shower cabinet at the heart of the shopping district. Coconut Oil For Beard

Flower power in the shower

Five girls wearing a white bathrobe and hair towel walked around to promote the campaign, which further involved a mobile shower cabinet circling around Bangkok.

The campaign highlighted five scented shower gels under the "Reflect Your Mood, Choose Our Blooms" concept.

Picking the Lavender Shower Gel will help boost relaxation and a good night's sleep through its calming scent rendered by lavender essential oil with the PDO label assuring quality and traceability.

The essential oil is sourced from France's Haute Provence, where lavender fields paint a purple landscape. Lavender, known in Provence as "blue gold", was one of the first flowers distilled by Olivier Baussan, who founded L'Occitane in 1976.

Widespread in Luberon, the cherry tree is also an essential part of the Provençal landscape while changing from pure white in spring to bright red in summer and to soft green in autumn.

The uplifting Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel contains cherry extract sourced from Luberon. When in contact with water, the gel transforms into a creamy mousse for a foaming bath while the scent with notes of freesia and lily of the valley evokes cherry blossoms in the first spring breeze.

In Provence, the harvest of verbena begins in summer. Freshly-picked leaves taken to the distillery along the rivers inspire the blending between verbena's invigorating scent and the bracing running water.

With a sparkling lemony fragrance, the energising Verbena Shower Gel is enriched with organic verbena leaf extract.

The world's perfume capital, Grasse is also famous for cultivating roses -- the queen of flowers. Interpreting the rose scent, L'Occitane interlaced middle green and fruity notes in a floral fragrance for its destressing Rose Shower Gel enriched with Rosa centifolia floral water from Grasse.

Flower power in the shower

Beard Oil For Men Feeling fatigue at the end of the day, freshen up with Osmanthus Shower Gel, whose floral scent with a velvety fruity touch is composed of notes of apricot, bitter orange and pear together with aromatic cedar and sandalwood. The fifth shower gel features a flower extract from Osmanthus grown in Gulin, China, where the fragrant plant blooms in autumn.