ASU awarded FAA night vision training contract | AirMed&Rescue

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded a contract to Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) to provide night vision goggle (NVG) training

Under the contract, which commenced in January 2023, ASU will provide the ‘initial and recurrent ground school’ in Boise, Idaho, as well as flight training in the use of night vision goggles to ‘commercial helicopter-rated FAA inspectors and pilots’ in the use of night vision goggles. Use Of Hydrogen In Industry

ASU awarded FAA night vision training contract | AirMed&Rescue

Additionally, FAA Air Flight Test Engineers (FTE) will attend the ground school and ‘observe flight training in the aircraft, incorporating compatible instrument panels for night vision goggle operations’ under the terms of the contract. It is hoped that this experience will ‘increase FTEs ability to enhance compatibility of instrument panels and NVG use during night operations.

The contract includes options to extend for a further four years, to be decided upon completion of the initial base year.

“Winning this contract is a testament to the ASU team and our commitment to night vision training,” said ASU President Dr Joseph Estrera. “Not only will we be training FAA employees on night vision helicopter operations, but ASU also holds the night vision training contract for fixed-wing training.”

ASU, and its Brazilian distributor Quartzo Defense, was previously awarded a night vision imaging systems (NVIS) supply contract by the Brazilian government in December 2022.