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Using Flat Pack Containers as An Office Space |         Bdaily

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Published by Member iCONQUER Ltd on 21 Jul 2023

Post-pandemic Britain remains as enamoured with home office culture as it was at the height of the global shutdown. Millions have made the permanent switch to working from home, while millions more are fighting tooth and nail to enjoy the same privilege.

That said, the issue many face when switching to the home office lifestyle is that of allocating an appropriate productivity space. Something that’s not always as easy as it sounds, but can be simplified with the installation of a surprisingly affordable outdoor solution:

Setting up outdoor office spaces in conventional shipping containers is nothing new. With a flatpack container, you’re basically looking at all the benefits of regular shipping containers, combined with several additional advantages. Likewise, if you’ve been considering erecting a permanent outdoor structure or extending your home, it’s worth first considering what you could get out of a flat pack container.

1. Versatility - One size does not fit all Unlike standard shipping containers, flat-pack containers can be picked up in a broad range of sizes and specifications, in order to suit your unique requirements. Whether you prefer something small and minimalistic or need plenty of space for an arsenal of equipment, flat-pack container offices with modular designs can cater to all needs.

2. Affordability – Potentially huge savings Probably one of the biggest points of appeal these innovative units bring to the table, flat-pack outdoor offices are also way cheaper than typical home extensions or new builds. They’re a hugely practical and economical option, without having to compromise on quality or versatility. The installation of a flat-pack container also involves minimal disruption, saving not only time and money but also a great deal of stress.

3. Customisation - Make it your own When you invest in a flat-pack container, you basically give yourself a blank canvas to work with, opening the door to comprehensive customisation options for your flat pack container. From the number of windows you need to the type of insulation you prefer and the positioning of its doors, there’s very little you cannot tailor to your own preferences. Right down to the smallest decorative touches, you can do pretty much anything you like to make your own.

4. Productivity Boost - Work smarter, not harder Of course, a major benefit of setting up a dedicated home office space of any kind is the guaranteed increase in productivity it brings. The office-style environment of a flat-pack container allows you to distance yourself from domestic distractions, delivering higher productivity than a conventional indoor office. You’ll get more done with the time you have, making it an investment that could soon pay for itself.

With regard to the logistics of setting up a flat pack container as a home office, there are a few key considerations to be mindful of from an early stage. You can be as simple or elaborate as you like, but it’s still important to know what the setup process involves so you make the right decisions.

Here’s a basic overview of what’s involved:

1. Choosing the Right Size Think about your workload and the types of tasks you’ll be performing, in order to decide on how much space you need. There’s no shortage of size and configuration options available, so take the time to consider which is right for you.

2. Placement of Windows Consider where exactly you will be spending most of your time working and ensure the windows (and other openings) are positioned appropriately, in order to maximise natural light.

3. Insulation The unpredictable UK weather makes good insulation an absolute must for your flat-pack office container. Something that will help keep you comfortable in cold winters and hot summers alike.

4. Electrical Connections Think about how many devices you’ll be using and ensure that you have enough power points. Also, consider the kind of lighting set-up you would prefer – fixed lighting, task lighting, floor lamps etc.

5. Internet A stable internet is also essential for a viable home office. A good Wi-Fi connection is one option, or you could consider a wired connection that links to your home for a faster, reliable internet experience.

6. Decorative Touches Along with the practicalities, you’ll also want to make your space as comfortable and pleasant as possible. A coat of paint, some plants for a touch of greenery, perhaps some art to inspire creativity – make it somewhere you actually enjoy spending time and it might not feel like work at all!

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Using Flat Pack Containers as An Office Space |         Bdaily

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