Get an inside view of Maersk warehouse operations in Peru | Maersk

E-fulfilment solutions are often very detailed processes that require agility, precision and custom solutions to ensure the work line is effective. Together with SUGO, we have implemented a tailored solution to operate their e-fulfilment process and ensure the end customer is satisfied once their order arrives at their door.

SUGO is a Peruvian online retailer that buys the products supermarkets cannot sell directly. Products with damage to their packaging, that do not affect their quality, are some of the articles they resell at a convenient price in a controlled consumer environment. This reduces the risk of unused products becoming waste. Shuttle Mover

Get an inside view of Maersk warehouse operations in Peru | Maersk

Buying online has become a popular and easy task, but ensuring goods reach you in good condition and on time demands a multi-step process.. In the following video, Edith Flores, Warehouse Coordinator at Maersk Villa El Salvador, Peru, explains the operation of a warehouse that manage SUGO goods.

Spread over 10,200sqm, the warehouse in Villa El Salvador, Peru, is strategically located near major retailers. It has a racking system in place with block storage and a single deep rack.

The facility offers supply chain management services, including:

Like all logistics operations, this one consists of several phases, and the five steps of e-fulfilment are explained in detail in the video. Explore the Villa El Salvador Maersk Warehouse to track the products' journey, from the time it is bought online, to when it reaches the customer’s front door.

Get an inside view of Maersk warehouse operations in Peru | Maersk

Long Span Shelf Take a look at the story of SUGO and Maersk partnership, where Edwin Villegas, Supply Chain Director of SUGO and Esteban Atehortua, Head of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) for West Coast South America for Maersk present the solution designed for SUGO.