We construct the AES modular cleanroom system at our wholly owned manufacturing facility in order to ensure quality and cleanliness from the start. Our state-of-the-art facility only manufactures cleanroom systems and components, learn more:

Cleanroom compliance starts with cleanliness.  The AES cleanroom manufacturing facility is clean to its core, and the products that we manufacture to create your critical facility start clean and install clean. Sandwich Composite

Cleanroom Modular Wall Ceiling System

This inherent cleanliness minimizes risk, maximizes compliance, and reduces our clients’ time to market. All of the AES manufactured products install safely through our lock together technology, which optimizes project value for our clients. Compliance is a beautiful thing, so AES cleanroom products were developed to blend state of the art engineering with the beauty of clean lines and smooth finishes. Recent product developments include LiteBeam – our integrated linear LED lighting system, and Infinity Wall – our high visibility glass wall system to optimize viewing of the cleanroom facility without the disruption of visitors and auditors entering the core environment.

The AES cleanroom system has long been considered best-in-class in terms of quality of the cleanroom finish and the effectiveness of our professional installation team. Cleanroom users all over the world leverage the long-term performance and durability of the AES system to create a home for their critical processing environment. The AES uPVC finish withstands the harshest sanitization and decontamination protocols, including hydrogen peroxide, bleaches, alcohols, sporicidals, and fungicidals.

The system utilizes an unplasticized polyvinyl chloride finish. All components are chemically cold-welded together to provide a monolithic finish.

All inside corners at wall-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall intersections receive a 3” [75mm] radius PVC coving detail. This welded detail, in combination with a flush and integral floor coving base, flush doorframes, and flush frameless windows provide a crevice-free and easily cleanable facility.

Cleanroom Modular Wall Ceiling System

Cleanroom Ceiling Grid Regulatory agencies and validation companies have worldwide experience with the AES pre-engineered modular cleanroom solution. This proven track record, predictable finish, and documented performance expedites the approval process.