In one LaFayette office, you will find a set up booth filled with metal work.

Gracie Daniel hits a small metal shaft into a steel bracelet - engraving words, phrases, and quotes. White Aluminium Extrusion

LaFayette woman turns metal stamping hobby into a side business  | WTVC

This is the start of a steel bracelet made with love by 'My Stamped Heart'.

She chisels in the quotes, letters, words, phrases requested by her customers.

Gracie started up 'My stamped heart' back in February, and has loved it ever since.

\"I've always done crafts I love being crafty,\" says Gracie.

She started doing this particular craft because it was something different than what she was used to as a kid.

\"I've done painting and drawings. I've also done sewing and embroidering,\" says Gracie as she describes the crafts she did growing up with her grandmother and mother.

She makes hand stamped accessories and jewelry, cash holders and even baby spoons.

It's something that she says she's able to do as a side job, and still have fun with it.

\"It's an easy thing just t make somebody a bracelet take it to them and be like here you go you know.\"

She says the work relaxes her. \"I have a craft room I go where I can sit and it does relax me, because I'll turn on music or Netflix and I'll just sit and just make stuff.\"

Gracie says that she started this business so that it would be affordable, not only for her but for her customers as well.

\"I found this and I was like 'I can make this something I would pay for' and I found a cheap starter kit on Amazon and went from there,\" she says.

One thing that helps her keep going is seeing the looks on her customers' faces and the joy she brings them.

\"Giving them something that they can give someone, like their favorite quote something they find happiness in.\"

LaFayette woman turns metal stamping hobby into a side business  | WTVC

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