Best anti-chafing shorts 2023: 5 anti-chafing shorts reviewed

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Best anti-chafing shorts 2023: 5 anti-chafing shorts reviewed

As we welcome warmer days (finally!), many of us also embark on the challenge of preventing one of the most unbearably painful side effects of thick thighs and summer temps. Each year, we are flooded with hacks and tools to stop the chafe, from patting yourself down with baby powder to rolling on deodorant.

But what if I told you that there's one fool-proof solution that will prevent the dreaded "my legs are chafing, and I'm trying to stop them from rubbing" walk of shame home? Well, allow me to introduce you to the trusty anti-chafing short - the only solution that will 100% guarantee no chafing and doesn't involve patting, rolling, sticking or moisturising. So, can I get a whoop whoop?!

To make sure you're covered this summer, I've tested and reviewed five of the best anti-chafing shorts on the market to find the perfect match for you (and myself, if I'm being completely transparent). Whether you're rocking a maxi, midi or mini summer dress, there's a style for you. And better yet, all of our options are under £20. Now, that's a result if I've ever heard of one!

To begin, I headed to the trusted fashion destination ASOS and came across a pair created by their own brand, ASOS Design. Available in sizes 20-30, this £8 short was the first pair I tested – and during a hot bank holiday weekend of shopping and roaming around Covent Garden, no less. So how did they hold up?

Under normal circumstances, a long sweaty train journey and 15,000 steps would have been the making of a nightmare of chafing, but with these bad boys on, I was safe! Better yet, I felt supported and comfortable. Gold star for that.

I personally didn't mind that they have a semi-sheer finish – that remind me of a decent pair of tights. The stretchy elastic band on the waist and leg opening of the shorts mean they stay in place, which is ideal. No rolling up or rolling down.

If the idea of wearing shorts under a dress or skirt on a warm day doesn't appeal to you or your underbelly sweat - don't worry, it's a safe space, and we all go through it - trust me when I say that these shorts are incredibly breathable. Because the fabric isn't super thick, you'll feel easy breezy.

For £8, this pair of anti-chafing shorts definitely gets a thumbs up from me. They do sit just above the knee on me (I'm 5"7), so they'd be great paired with a midi or maxi dress. But, wearing a mini skirt with them might just make you look like you've taken a leaf out of the Kardashians' cycling shorts wardrobe. I'll let you decide if that's goals or a fashion faux pas.

The main thing that stuck out to me about Snag's shorts was their incredible sizing. Not only do Snag offer sizes 4 to 36, but they also offer fit depending on your height and figure. And if you've got more of a prominent bum and/or tum, or a small or flat bum and/or tum, they've mastered the correct size for you. The best part is, it's only £9.49.

I really liked this pair as they could work with my slightly shorter dresses and skirts without being seen or rolling down throughout the day.

My first audible response when taking them out of the packet was "oooh". The material is so soft, it felt like I was slipping into a soft glove. And, as detailed on Snag's website, the shorts are made from tights material and enhanced with special yarn to help you keep cool in the heat. I can confirm that that is 100% true!

My experience with the Snag's stay cool chub rub shorts was a breeze from start to finish. From finding the perfect fit for my body with their inclusive size range, to wearing them on my weekly long walk, they were a dream and all for £8.69. I don't want to talk too soon, but they are currently in the lead.

Big Bloomers is another brand that offers incredibly inclusive sizing, from sizes 12-36. Offering long and short leg lengths means the anti-chafing presentation is possible for all those who need it, no matter your height.

There are no complaints I can make about these £18.95 pair of shorts. The ribbed cuff means there's no room for riding up - joy, oh joy! And the fabric is incredibly comfortable and breathable.

I would say that if you're in between sizes, you might want to potentially size down. For example, I found my size 18-22 shorts slightly too loose. Had I sized down, I might have received more support around the tum, but despite feeling a little loose around the waist area, the ribbed cuff meant they didn't move an inch. So they are definitely anti-chafing fool proof, and in my book, that's a win!

Sloggi has long been making comfortable underwear, so I expected nothing less from their briefs. Available in sizes 12 to 26 and retailing for £17, I wanted to see how they'd hold up compared to our least expensive shorts from ASOS.

And I can confirm: there are no complaints that can be made about these shorts from Sloggi. Not only do they fit really nicely, but I could also easily see myself wearing these around the house. Unlike the other brands, Sloggi hasn't used tights material; instead, they have opted for cotton. Whether this makes them a better option is totally down to person preference, but I definitely prefer the feel of soft tights material. They are comfortable, and the detailed elastic band on the waistband and leg opening fits easily without digging into the skin. I'd be less likely to reach for these on a sweltering day, but they do exactly what they say on the tin, and in that case, they are good.

My only experience with Magiscuplt has been wearing their swimwear and shapewear, so I was interested to try their shorts too. As the brand is renowned for keeping you snatched, I wanted to see if that rang true for their anti-chafing collection. And if so, would that be appealing on a warm day?

True to their brand, the anti-chafing shorts have some support – and while it's not the kind of support you'd find in shapewear, the material definitely felt like it was holding me in. The shorts were also an ideal choice for wearing a mini skirt or dress, as they sat about 4 inches above my knee (I'm 5"7).

The material resembles that of thin tights, meaning they're very breathable. While they weren't incredibly restrictive, I found them slightly less comfortable than the other shorts.

They are reasonably priced at £10 and allow for shorter styling, but I personally prefer a softer fabric that feels freer. If, however, you are looking for a bit of support, this may be a great option.

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Best anti-chafing shorts 2023: 5 anti-chafing shorts reviewed

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